Debunking Barack Obama rumors.

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I’m not an Obama fan or supporter, but I can’t stand slander. I keep hearing rumors from people who believe everything they read in an email forward and then tell others about it all without checking out the facts. People have coming up to me saying Obama is a Muslim and was sworn into office using the Koran so here’s a couple of articles to encourage people to research before just continuing a slander rumor.

First article –

Excerpt from article

Is it true that when Obama was sworn into office he used the Koran (Qur’an) instead of the Bible?

No. Barack Obama placed his right hand on the Bible during his swearing-in ceremony. Whoever made this allegation has confused Obama with Congressman Keith Ellison, who really is a Muslim and was sworn in on January 4, 2007 using a copy of the Qur’an.

Second article –


Obama sets record straight on religion
Presidential candidate battles misconception that he’s a Muslim
The Associated Press
updated 9:49 a.m. CT, Mon., Jan. 21, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Barack Obama is stepping up his effort to correct the misconception that he’s a Muslim now that the presidential campaign has hit the Bible Belt.

At a rally to kick off a weeklong campaign for the South Carolina primary, Obama tried to set the record straight from an attack circulating widely on the Internet that is designed to play into prejudices against Muslims and fears of terrorism.

“I’ve been to the same church _ the same Christian church _ for almost 20 years,” Obama said, stressing the word Christian and drawing cheers from the faithful in reply. “I was sworn in with my hand on the family Bible. Whenever I’m in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. So if you get some silly e-mail … send it back to whoever sent it and tell them this is all crazy. Educate.”

Obama is referring to a debunked chain e-mail circulating widely on the Internet that suggests he is hiding his Islamic roots and may be a terrorist in disguise. It says he was sworn into the Senate on the Quran and turns his back on the flag during the pledge.

Some facts, some misstatements
There are some truths in the e-mail’s details. Obama’s middle name is Hussein. His father and stepfather were Muslim. And he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country. But he attended secular and Catholic schools, not a radical madrassa.

His campaign has been pushing back against the false rumors all year. His aides decried an incorrect news report that Obama was educated in a Muslim madrassa and a section of his Web site is devoted to correct that and other false rumors circulating on the Internet.

But they are stepping up the effort now that the campaign has hit South Carolina and soon turns to other southern states where religion is so important to voters. The campaign distributed an open letter from seven Jewish senators this weekend condemning the attacks; aides are planning an event this week to respond directly to the e-mails; and campaign representatives blanketed South Carolina churches Sunday with literature that touted Obama’s Christian faith.

One piece features photos of Obama praying with the words “COMMITTED CHRISTIAN” in large letters across the middle. It says Obama will be a president “guided by his Christian faith” and includes a quote from him saying, “I believe in the power of prayer.”

A second piece, which like the first doesn’t mention the Muslim rumor, includes photos of Obama with his family and a caption that says they are active members of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It explains how as a young man Obama “felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life.”


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3 Responses to “Debunking Barack Obama rumors.”

  1. So glad to hear. I will do what I can to spread the news.

  2. There is so much of this junk floating around out there! Good for you for takina an extra minute to dig a little deeper and find the lies behind the rumors.

  3. I’ve been searching and looking over the net because of what people have been telling me. All I have found is rumors and crap. I did find 2 pieces of info that took to my attention though…Barrack is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) For anyone who knows the truth to this know it’s not good.

    The other I found on and it goes into detail more about Barack’s wife than about himself. I don’t know if what is in the video’s and on that site is all true, and I truely hope they aren’t.

    I support Obama and have for some time now. I just hope he doesn’t make me shove my foot in my mouth after he becomes president. I love his message, and it would be hard for him to turn his back on it after gaining support from SO many people, and allready getting them involved in what I believe to be the change of our country on so many areas that need change. If he does what he says he will do, then he may be the next best thing since J.F.K.

    On the matter of the CFR. This has me worried greatly. However, I look back to one thing…Our greatest in awhile, JFK himself was a member of the CFR. And was trying to do extraordinary things in the White House. And my beliefs on that subject are part of what keeps driving me forward on the Obama train.

    I live in Oregon, and I support Obama. Barack the vote.

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